Ashby de la Zouch

Town Trails

We are currently working on a series of Heritage trails which will take you on a walk around our historic market town. You can access these trails on a computer or mobile, from your armchair or as you walk around the town.

When complete, each trail will show you a modern photograph of how the sites look now, followed by an old photograph to show you how the site looked years ago. There will also be a sketch map at each step on the trails to show you where to go next.

We are grateful to Ashby de la Zouch Museum for supplying the old photographs and giving permission to use them in these trails. Visit their website for more information about the Museum:

Below are some simple instructions on how to use the trails. To the right are links to the trails themselves - note at present only one is in operation. The others will be available soon.

take the tour

Click the pink tab "Take the tour" to start. This is on the right of the screen.

tour button 2

Click the forward and back buttons to move from one site to another. On a computer, the map will be to the left with a pin showing where you currently are in the tour. On a mobile device, scroll down to find the map.

Click this button, bottom left of the image, to bring up printed information about the site.

Click this button to see the image full screen. This button does not appear on mobile devices.

Click this button to see thumbnails of the whole tour. On non-mobile devices, these will appear instead of the map. On mobiles this button is further down and may behave erratically!

Click this button to return to the map from the thumbnail view. Does not work well on mobile devices.



These tours have been created using HistoryPin, a free website application. We are not responsible for the working of this application so any faults should be reported to Historypin and not to us. Typos, errors or omissions in the text describing each site are our responsibility and should be reported to us.

Click the images below to start a trail

Ashby de la Zouch Town Trail

Ashby Ivanhoe Baths

Historic Market Street

Market Street

Historic Inns and Pubs

The Bulls Head Ashby

Churches of Ashby

Holy Trinity Church Ashby


Ashby the Spa Town

Ivanhoe Spa Baths

Vanished Ashby

Wood Street Farm