Ravenstone Project

One of our latest projects is about Ravenstone Hospital historic almshouses.

The main outcome of the project was a film which is partly about the history of the almshouses but focuses mainly on a former resident, Ann Ayre Hely (nee Bradshaw), who was born in the village and spent the last years of her life in the almshouses. She led a remarkable life in between, however, and became a nurse in the Crimean war. Although they did not work together, she was known to Florence Nightingale.

View our film about Ann Ayre Hely here:


Ann's  Plaque

There is now a Green Plaque to Ann on the wall of Ravenstone Hospital.
More photographs of the unveiling here.

Primary School Resources 

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There is a book about Ann Ayre Hely but it is currently out of print. Email us if you are interesting in obtaining a copy.


Ann Hely

The film was shown at Quick Flicks, our annual showcase event.

The project was been funded by a grant from Leicestershire County Council Shire Grant Scheme.

Ann Hely shows the newspaper reporter round the hospital

Many more photographs from the film on our Facebook page.


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