Quick Flicks 2016

We showed a new set of short films during Ashby Arts Festival 2016. The first public showing was so popular that there was a second showing on Friday 3rd June. Now, the films have been embedded in this page and can be watched by clicking the thumbnails below.

Polkas and Pustules


An historical drama written by Wendy Freer for The Friends of the Bath Grounds depicting in drama the history of Ashby's 19th century Ivanhoe Spa Baths.


The Master Hosier


An historical drama written by Wendy Freer. This is the dramatic story of the last days of a Master Hosier's house and workshops. Shot on location at Wigston Framework Knitters' Museum, this is a FICTIONAL story and is not an attempt to portray the real life inhabitants of this property. It tells of an old lady's struggle to keep her late husband's home and work premises exactly as they had always been.


Score Draw


A drama written by Kate Mallinder, this is the story of a year on the allotment and how it related to a different journey through a difficult year.





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Victoria Sponge


A comedy written by Kate Mallinder. Two ladies from the Women's Institute compete for a coveted prize in the cake baking competition.


The Thoughts of Willie Nattrass


A comedy by Henry Sharples. Willie looks back over his life, musing on the events which landed him where he is now. His life hasn't been under his own control recently but he has plans to change all that!


The Pod

A comedy by Mark Taylor


Graham and his daughter Charlotte find something unexpected in their garden - and it isn't in the vegetable plot!



Quick Flicks 2016 was part of the Ashby Arts Festival and took place at The Venture Theatre, North Street, Ashby de la Zouch.

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