Digital Storytelling


The form of digital storytelling we used is based on the ideas and training of Alex Henry of Curiosity Creative.

The stories are audiovisual recordings, each one lasting between two and a half and four minutes. The storyteller writes down and reads out their story in order to record it and then illustrates it with old photographs, new photographs, drawings or other images. The finished product is a short film.

The stories are personal stories, not fiction, which recount some experience or memory in the storyteller's life. It is different to conventional oral history because there are no interviews, no questions and answers. The storyteller tells the story in their own word and has complete control over the finished product.

To get a better idea of what this form of digital story is like, have a look at some of the examples on the Curiosity Creative website.

Creating this kind of story is great fun, very rewarding and anyone can do it!




In February and March 2014, we ran a project for volunteers from the congregation of St Helen's CHurch which enabled them to create their own digital stories. You can see five of the digital stories by clicking here.

Jill and DOn preparing their digital stories

If your group would like to have a project like this please contact us.

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