Charlie's War

A drama film, based on the true story of a Whitwick couple and set in the First World War.

Charlie and wife on the eve of his departure for the war.

written and directed by Wendy Freer

featuring Ruth Bayes, Adam Palmer Bailey and Mary Barker

Produced by Pudding Bag Productions in association with Rishing Stars Drama School, Ashby de la Zouch.

When Charlie Jenkins volunteered for the army in 1914, he left his wife Jane to fend for herself.  Life got very hard for her and Charlie himself had a very difficult time.  This film, based on a real Charlie who lived with his wife in Whitwick, tells what happened to Jane when Charlie went to war and what happened to both of them when he came back.

Charlie and Reuben

Jane and Mr Overton

Jane and the workhouse




Workhouse matron

Jane and the workhouse porteress

Jane receives a letter

Charlie and Nurse Anderson


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